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2.0 Determining what to do next...

Depending on the type of security used, and what you want to do, click on one of the following topics.

2a. I want to see a databases password
2b. I want to remove a databases password
2c. I want to remove the user-level security for a non-encrypted database
2d. I want to remove the user-level security for an encrypted database


It is sometimes difficult to distinguish whether a database is encrypted or not. If in doubt, always try to remove the databases security settings assuming it is not encrypted. If you cannot open the database, assume it is encrypted, and try again.

You should have sufficient space on your working drive to use this software. Make sure there is enough free space equaling the size of the database.

Please try to compact and repair your database before performing the user-level security operations.

Please take a reliable backup of your database before using this software as a precautionary measure.

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